1. Fernando Casas. Besides its primary purpose to bring forth the core teachings of the Diamond Sutra, this website naturally has become an homage to my friend, the artist and philosopher, Fernando Casas. I hope his participation through his art in bringing forth this rendition of core teachings from the Diamond Sutra brings him great merit. His works may be viewed at and I encourage you to spend a lot of time contemplating his many profound paintings and drawings. Although not himself a Buddhist practitioner, as a phenomenologist, many of his works clearly have relevance to meditation practitioners. Some of his artwork appears to be an autochthonous arising in the West pointing to Wisdom.

Works of art by Fernando Casas used in the Website:

Passerby - Revelation (Triptych part 2), Oil on canvas, 57x46", 1991

No Truth - The Planet, Early Morning, Oil on canvas, 66x66", 1980

Seeking - Duality, Oil on canvas, 76x42", 1979

Vows - The Task of the Artist, Oil on canvas and paper, 66x42", 1978


2. Sharon Janis - I collaborated with her to produce the text used in this chanted version of the Diamond Sutra available here and soon on Itunes. I have her version playing round the clock at my alter and when I sleep. The chanted version is very similar to the text translation found here, but altered somewhat to be more easily chanted. If you like the version, please buy it from Itunes or her website to support her in creating more wonderful dharma renditions for the West. See her at: and And again, please support her in any way you can.


2. Other works of Art used in Website - Images of Outer Space were taken by the Hubble Telescope,; Dewdrop is by M.C. Escher, photo in Unreal by BKL.

3. Diamond Sutra Translation. The author of this translation of the Diamond Sutra is unknown to me, but after evaluating any number of translations to be found on the web, this one is my current favorite. I don't think any translation can be radical enough to the subject at hand, emptiness - Most English translations I have read seem, at an apparently unconscious level, to try to "save the appearances", which is, of course, a very deep flaw.

4. Teachers. Many thanks go to my teachers of the View, meditation, and healing: Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, Guru Dev Singh Khalsa, and Myo Bong S'nim as well as Sat Siri Sumler, Hari Kirn Kaur Khalsa, and Susan Coleman.

I am wholly responsible for the content of this website.

In the quotes used in this website, a few times, I have altered slightly the words as rendered in the original translation to bring out the meaning of the text.